Italian Food

Domenica Marchetti teachs Italian Food, online kitchen, home cooking adventures, most from Abruzzo.

Italian language courses for foreigners via Skype

Interesting initiative aimed at foreigners who want to learn or improve their knowledge of  "Italian Language".  The courses are taught by a qualified multilingual teacher resident in Abruzzo, in private mode and also using...

Montebello Sangro: organic farming in "Piccola Terra"

In Montebello of Sangro the young Paul Cesarore produces pulses and cereals in its "Small Earth" where agriculture is organic since 1996


Municipalities of Abruzzo: classification data

In the attached file.xls there are data about all the Municipalities of Abruzzo (altitude, territorial extension, population, classification mountains towns for IMU, cadastral cod., ......)  elencocomuni (Abruzzo).xls (100864)  
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First guide of Abruzzo in English

An Abruzzo more accessible to English-speaking tourists.    In London, the ENIT-presented at a conference with representatives from the trade press selected for the occasion, the first guide d'Abruzzo entirely in English, published...
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