The perks of investing in property in Italy

Why Italy?

The declining value of the euro – €1 is currently worth Dh4.03 compared to Dh5 this time last year and Dh5.30 in 2011 – is encouraging investors and second-home buyers to look at property in Europe. While Greece is still perceived as high risk and Spain and Portugal are bordering on broke, Italy’s residential-­property sector is fast gaining a reputation as being low-priced and lucrative – because while prices have stayed low, the market is starting to stir again, a healthy sign in a region stagnant since the 2008 financial crash. That Italy is a vacationing spot known for its food, fashion and friendly people doesn’t hurt, either.



Panna Munyal August 6, 2015 (The National - Arts & Lifestyle - Abu Dhabi)